"The most lively comedian , energetic and captivating I have ever seen . " // The Giggle

 "We are two very dedicated and strong Brazilian men with great enthusiasm to please where ever we go.
Together, we apply skilled technique to our special comedy act. We strive to see the smiles from young children, adults and the elderly but also form our employers.
It is extremely important that our passion, love and joy of life and work is seen through our work. I hope you enjoy watching!"

                    Previous collaborations

1998 Circo Fiesta (Brasil)

1999 Marcos Frota circo show (Brasil)

2000 Le Cirque (Brasil)

2001 Circus Chen (Portugal)

2002 Europapark (Germany) Up leon

2004 - 2007 Tivoli Groona Lund (Sweden) Up leon

2008-2011 Europapark / Up leon

2012 GOP variete (Germay)

2013 Circus Dannebrog (Denmark)

2014 GOP Variete / Palazzo (Germany)

2015 Circus Nock (Switzeland) / Dacapo variete (Germany)

2016 Circus Nock

2016/2017 Weihnachtscircus Heilbronn (Germany)

2017 GOP Tui Cruise ( Canary islands and Madeira island)

2017 Gifford Circus (UK)

2017/18 International Namur circus festival and Imperial show (Belgium ,France and Holland)

2018/ Cirque berserk (UK)

2018/19 winter Varieté Heidelberg (Germany)

2019 Zyair Circus ( UK)

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